Sky, A.I.
11:41 min., 2021

Sky, A.I. is a roughly finished video created during a month long residency at Centro Negra in Blanca, Spain. The juxtaposition of collaged sound, movement, technological minutia, a queer body, and surreality converge, illuminating the emotional tethers between self, nature, and virtuality. A 1970’s CGI rendering is deepfaked to signify the wild west of technology when it was a test-site for possible futures, when open-source tools only theoretically had the power to connect us on multiple scales across time and space. Here and now, large corporations have ripped a bygone utopia into ferocious intrusion and profitable data extraction.

Under the guidance of an A.I. collaborator, Sky A.I. playfully appropriates Google Earth, A.I., CGI, and deepfake technology to the advantage of horizontalism, queering technological/planetary relationships and subverting corporate domination. By blundering their use and reframing scalarity, digital universes liberate the physical limitations of the perceptibly natural realm. Faces bend and morph, A.I. warns us of her power and our mortality, iphone signals disrupt an avian chorus, the birth of techno-intelligence emerges-- fractured movements, religious shreiks, physicality contorting, ambiguity stretching it’s silken tongue across Vega Alta del Segura. The digital realm is queer, nature is gay, and mirrored in this stratum, we are free.

Sky, A.I. was first shown at Plan Expositivo in Blanca, Spain. Special thanks to everyone at Centro Negra, to Tessa Magnuson for the improvised movement/dance training, and Mold Collective for their support and feedback.