Every Home
1992 - 2022

Google Earth images of *most* of the homes I’ve lived in (at least of the addresses I could remember, or could find). Home has always been a strange concept to me, as someone who moved around a bit, and has lived in many homes (on average about one a year since I was a kid) I’ve come to understand home as a feeling. These are symbolic containers of a time and place. They contain memories and sensations of home - other bodies, relationships, smells, textures, landscapes, yards, views, communities, relatives, dinners, bathtubs, beds, weather, isolation, joy, depression. Home is connection - to myself, an environment, people, loved ones. Home is safety, even when unstructured. Home is sometimes a suitcase. Home is Earth, home is water, home is air, home is blood and skin and nourishment, a vessel for growth.  I’m very grateful to feel ~home~