Madelyn Byrd (they/them) is an artist, musician, researcher, and curator based in Berlin.

Pushing up against lines of possibility, their intrinsically collaborative process of destruction & reconstruction forms speculative dialogues with the more-than-human world. These temporary construction sites, rooted in queer theory, hydrofeminism, neuroaesthetics, reveal unconventional ways of sensing and perceiving, highlighting the uncanny interactions between ecology and technology. Their creative investigations concretise as albums, mixes, audiovisual works, collages, installations, poetry, and social-praxis experiments. Madelyn holds an MSc. in Neuroaesthetics from Goldsmiths, University of London, where they researched the impact of collaborative imagination on measures of connection and hope in social praxis art.

Slowfoam is the all-encompassing sound project of Madelyn Byrd. As a sound artist, producer, and DJ, Byrd invites listeners into expressive spaces of possibility and connection in an experimental alchemy of curiosity, discomfort, and sentimentality. Their aqueous soundscapes comprise a patchwork of glitched-out, sparkling ambience, obfuscated pop, electro-acoustics, drone, processed field recordings, off-kilter polyrhythms, downtempo, & fuzzy poetics. By metamorphosing the lines around synthetic and organic - collaborating in equal part with technology and biology - they seek entry points into post-anthropocentric healing and social transformation.

Slowfoam is a former resident at Internet Public Radio, where they curated their monthly show, Our Tomorrow. They have released music on labels around the globe, including Jungle Gym Records (Los Angeles, USA), Lillerne Tapes (Chicago, USA), and Mappa (Lučenec, Slovakia), yielding features on Bandcamp, Pitchfork, Boomkat, DJ Mag, The Wire Magazine, and Futurism Restated. They are currently represented by Somewhere Press (Glasgow, SL) with whom they released Transcorporeal Portal, their debut LP, in March 2024.

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