MADELYN BYRD (they/them) is a Berlin-based musician, researcher, and curator. They have produced critically acclaimed albums, mixes, audiovisual works, collages, poetry, and social-praxis experiments. Madelyn holds a master’s in Neuroaesthetics from Goldsmiths, where they researched the impact of collaborative imagination on measures of connection and hope in social praxis art.

Fostering dialogues between humans, non-humans, and new technologies, Madelyn’s overarching research integrates possiblia’s emotional and theoretical nodes to prefigure unconventional ways of being. In an evolving effort to map speculative sensorial and perceptive realms, they employ an intrinsicically collaborative spirit to guide their multidisciplinary practice. Each of their material play-spaces are entry points into a watery microcosm of sentimentality and grief that beckons post-anthropocentric healing and social transformation. 

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SLOWFOAM is Madelyn’s all-encompassing sound project they produce, DJ, and perform under. As a world-building project, Slowfoam traces the peripheries of ecology and technology, presence and possibility, and more-than-human connectedness. A tapestry of artefacts - drones, glitched-out textures, field recordings, obfuscated words, glossy sound design, off-kilter polyrhythms, electro-acoustics, and sparkling ephemera - convey a genre-defying paraworld. Slowfoam's carefully crafted aural environments plunge listeners into paradoxical pools of deep meaning and obscurity, bubbling with transformative potential and the magic of the in-between.

Slowfoam is a former resident at Internet Public Radio, where they curated their monthly show, Our Tomorrow. They have released music on labels around the globe, including Jungle Gym Records (Los Angeles, USA), Lillerne Tapes (Chicago, USA), and Mappa (Lučenec, Slovakia), yielding features on Bandcamp, Electronic Sound Mag, Pitchfork, Boomkat, DJ Mag, The Wire Magazine, and Futurism Restated. They are currently represented by Somewhere Press (Glasgow, SL) with whom they released Transcorporeal Portal, their critically acclaimed debut LP, in March 2024.

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