Sky, A.I.
11:41 min., 2021

Sky, A.I. is a raw video created during a month-long residency at AADK in Blanca, Spain. It combines an A.I. generated script, deepfake technology paired with early CGI, psychosomatics, movement, and satellite imagery to explore the emotional connections between self, nature, and cyber reality.

Using technology and the rural environment surrounding Blanca, Sky A.I. depicts the Wild West of technology, once a test site where possible futures and open-source tools held a theoretical promise to connect us across time and space. Today, large corporations have harnessed this technology for profit, supplanting a bygone techno-utopia in favour of data extraction and commodification.

However, in Sky, A.I.’s temporary digital universe, hierarchies are subverted and reimagined to expand their scope and reveal a transient digital realm separated from the visibly natural world. Here, faces and bodies contort, A.I. warns of its power, iPhone signals disrupt an avian chorus, Byrd’s facial movements are deepfaked onto early CGI, and the birth of techno-intelligence and a post-human reality emerges in fragmented movements superimposed over satellite views of Vega Alta del Segura to momentarily liberate humans and nonhumans from the binds of bio-techno and Anthropocentric dominance.

Sky, A.I. was first shown at Plan Expositivo in Blanca, Spain. Special thanks to everyone at Centro Negra, to Tessa Magnuson for the improvised movement/dance training, and MOLD Collective for their support and guidance.