In their DJ sets and live performances, Slowfoam incorporates various sonic elements to create a vessel for euphonious exploration. They weave the experimental sounds of their contemporaries with established composers, with a proclivity toward disjointed digital artifacts, field recordings, intricate percussion, and musique concrète. The results are strange, yet warm and gooey, electroacoustic sound sculptures.

“For the January installment of their monthly show on Guadalajara’s Internet Public Radio, Berlin-based musician Slowfoam mixed together a batch of material from Seattle experimentalist Ran Park—songs, snippets, stems—together with some of her own unreleased material. The results are foggy and formless in the best way. The opening passage plays glowing synthesizers off spritzes of static and radar chirps; intimations of electric jazz add depth, and the diffuse atmosphere clears to reveal a simple, poignant piece for piano and flute—one of the “unabashedly aspirational” nods to Ennio Morricone and Ryuichi Sakamoto that Park references in a note accompanying the mix. There’s much more, too: gentle chamber-jazz sketches; glowering reeds; ambient piano; and even, toward the end, a dreamy trip-hop breakbeat. There’s no tracklisting and no clue as to which parts are Park’s and which are Slowfoam’s. It’s best to just close your eyes and let it wash over you.”