November 8, 2022 - Lillerne  - Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music 

“kindly” is a beautiful new collaboration between Madelyn Byrd’s Slowfoam project and Tim Bomberg’s Neilll moniker. The two create beautiful moments in time together—spaces that are as warm and inviting as they are effervescent and sharp. Deep, captivating tunes with an exciting jaggedness and a playful spirit. Bright lights through a soft-focused lens. Edition of 75 professionally duplicated cassettes.

- Gabe, Lillerne Tapes

"Last heard on "A Scene From A Dream", the soniferous realms of Slowfoam and Neilll meet again in the fully collaborative EP "Kindly". Divided by an ocean with digital waves as only means of exchange, their convergence manifests here the cyber-cloud cracks and weaves into a unique form of sonic world building. Voltaic thorns swirl. Melodies cushion. Things flicker. The vapours reach us, radiations too, this feels personal. With its complex emotional ventures and its unannounced turns and ruptures, "Kindly" is an honest and cheeky investigation of the possibilities of connection. A collaboration that takes us deep... far out, or perhaps inwards, into the intricate meanders of the self. It is a moving yet playful journey across the entangled landscape of the in-between."

-Pablo Diserens




Music by Tim Bomberg & Madelyn Byrd
Mastered by Theodore Cale Schafer
Released by Lillerne  in November 2022