Lillerne Tapes - November 8, 2022

Last heard on "A Scene From A Dream", the soniferous realms of Slowfoam and Neilll meet again in the fully collaborative EP "Kindly". Divided by an ocean with digital waves as only means of exchange, their convergence manifests here the cyber-cloud cracks and weaves into a unique form of sonic world building. Voltaic thorns swirl. Melodies cushion. Things flicker. The vapours reach us, radiations too, this feels personal. With its complex emotional ventures and its unannounced turns and ruptures, "Kindly" is an honest and cheeky investigation of the possibilities of connection. A collaboration that takes us deep... far out, or perhaps inwards, into the intricate meanders of the self. It is a moving yet playful journey across the entangled landscape of the in-between.
-Pablo Diserens

~.~*~.~ (Spring)

Self-Released - March 5, 2021

~.~*~.~ (Spring) is a journal of poems, liquid fragments, field recordings, doodles, textures and nostalgia. The album blossomed from a season in quarantine ~ waking up with a balmy fragrant release of salty aromatics, hyacinths climax, and the glistening Adriadic in a pull between lithospherean belonging and isolation. Organic and digital instrumentations hum and banter with a light, earnest escapism. The personal, journal-like songs feature blends of past iphone recordings and new renditions by friends from near and far, including Hoop bandmates Caitlin Payne Roberts & Allyson Foster.


Self-Released - May 1, 2020

Inflorescence is an ambivalent embodiment of the cyclical nature of home - from belonging to longing, here and there. Home is where you are held. Held by connections to place, space, skin on skin, warm times, fleeting laughter and scent. Held by water, sound, unwavering potentials, imagined futures, olfactory imprint, gratitude. Released, let go, squeezing, transforming.

Scenes From A Dream

Jungle Gym Records - November 30, 2019

“JUNGLE GYM RECORDS presents "Scenes From A Dream", official return of the illustrious slowfoam (Madelyn Byrd). From the breathtaking abstractions of debut "lust + boredom", Byrd pushes even further towards the avant-garde, an artist at the peak of their creative power with a unique and developed voice that is at once timely and timeless. Here whispered synthetic microcosms are meticulously refined with a palate of chamber woodwind flourishes, precision field recordings and heavily processed vocal passages, woven together by the life-flow vignettes of rippling pools and instinctual momentum. From a place of both high art and universal accessibility, JGT38 finds grandiosity in the smallest of gestures... exclusively for JUNGLE GYM.”

Important Bodies

Self-Released -  December 6, 2018

A collection of field recordings my partner and I took in Washington and California in the throws of love—created over the span of a week—capturing the whimsical and childlike nature of our early days together.

“conceived, recorded, and assembled over the span of two weeks in November & December 2018, using pretty much just a phone and a laptop... this is one side of a split album made in collaboration with slowfoam. this is a love story.”

Lust + Boredom

Jungle Gym Records - November 30, 2018

“JUNGLE GYM RECORDS presents "lust + boredom," official debut of Seattle's slowfoam. Drifting through the frothy waves we find ourselves with time to reflect on the past few years, and while the memories are quickly fading, the emotional toll weighs heavier than ever. Haunted voices of doubt and insecurity brush up against our ankles, darting in and out of a dark ambient chamber pop score. What began as a simple day at the beach has spiraled to familiar struggle, trying to keep our heads above water while trapped in the slow slow foam. Exclusively from JUNGLE GYM.”


Knekelhuis VA: wasn’t really me

December 9, 2022

Following up 2021’s compilation 'and felt like...', ' wasn't really me' can be seen as the missing part of a diptych, only separated by the passage of time, yet whole in spirit. Again, a familiar company of singular artists showcase remarkable unity in diversity. Similar to its predecessor, a rustic gloom glues everything together into a seamless whole, enabling the collective to transcend each unique contributors' musical voice elegantly.

Ambient Flux VA: Synthesis<2 

 January 28, 2022

Synthesis<2 is not a synthesis of one-channel logic. 'It’s a compulsive zapping in and out of neural modes, through and around a context's protocols, always on the prey for the reality switch and the rescaling detonator.' AP

Theory Therapy VA: Out of Season

 August 06, 2021

“I liked the unusual side of the water – the bench set back from the path looked up to windows rather than down onto ploughed width. From here, I saw trees assert their permanence, bending over backwards to prove they still had it. Branches poked at homes then dashed –
I was the lookout, or friend who misread herself included, just one hand in the mischief. What a salve it was to pair a song with the moment and watch, feast and flee,drink all the good stuff that view had going free then leave. I did it once when a phone call felled me, or on days that didn’t suit me, once again when I let a chance sail past like a bus I should have run for. We had an understanding, I thought. If I recognised how my body eased in this beauty, I could call a corner of it mine.”

- Ellen Renton

Cry Like Donna: Bouquet VA

May 05, 2021

Many songs plucked from our friend's gardens. All proceeds to Black and Pink.

Songs by
Chanel Beads, Dustin Wong, Lipsticism, Slowfoam, Colle, Magda and The Aliens, Thom Lucero, Andi Divine, Offen, Curt Oren, Allyson Foster, Hanging Lichen, Lightbush, Emilía DT, Parches, Nana Flores, and Theo Krantz

secondnature VA: secondnature and friends

March 25, 2021

The second volume of our secondnature & friends series brings together contributions from some of our close friends and collaborators who we weren't able to host on the first go around. We've shared dance floors and DJ booths with all of them, and if we can't be together IRL, we're happy we can at least be together URL. This compilation is a statement of intent that we will see and share space with each other, and with all of you, again soon. Stay safe and healthy!

Of Paradise VA: Vol. 3

June  05, 2020

Compiled of 11 tracks that move through the realms of jungle, breaks, house, techno and experimental electronics, this V.A. reunites existing label artists whilst introducing some exciting new faces into the camp.

Featuring brand new material from Fade, Placid One, Michael Fam, Mesmé, Centric Dancer, Krotone, Bergemann & Legget, Oall Hates, Impurity, Lazarus and Slowfoam & Neilll; 'Of Paradise Vol. 3' showcases a lethal breadth of talent that stretches across the four corners of the globe.