Madelyn Byrd (they/them b.1992) is a multidisciplinary artist and MSc. Neuroaesthetics student based in London and Berlin.

Through upholding multi-sensorial concurrence and amiguity, a small act of resistance, they insist on a body of work that reveals multifarious beauty in connection and creative empowerment backed by a theoretical framework rooted in psychology and neuroaesthetics. Their flow-based approach to a surreal and genre~less transdisciplinary practice paired with a proclivity for collaboration irradiates unseen dimensions - a test-site of queerness, ecological harmony, and collective interconnectedness; a playground of the possible. Through creative world-building, Byrd prefigures fantastical and surreal ecotopian portals that dissolve limitations in the tangible world. 

Madelyn is a founding member of MOLD Collective, an anti-capitalist collective that supports creative process, critiques of care, and ecological attunement. “We seek to address the intuition that something is greatly amiss in our reality, while, at the same time, we cultivate a sense of wonder at our planet, our communities, and the complex relationships between ancient and future knowledges. If it sounds esoteric, then that's because we're just that type of people. In each of us is a dynamic range between practical reasoning and amorphous dreamworlds. We've realized that in harnessing this range together, we find the tools we need to process this very messy paradigm we share as contemporary arts practitioners.”

Their musical moniker, Slowfoam, is an eclectic patchwork of contorted ecological soundscapes, sparkling ambiance, fuzzy poetics, and obfuscated jazz and pop. They have released albums and tracks with Jungle Gym Records, secondnature, Of Paradise, and Theory Therapy.

Byrd is a monthly resident at Internet Public Radio (Guadalajara, MX), where they host Our Tomorrow, a sonic exploration into utopia/dystopia, cooperative transformation, & soft revolution via deep-listening, all-genre mixes from visionary artists and collectives around the globe.